About Tonica Pitman



Born and raised in DC. I am a mother of two and a wife. There was always an interest in fashion and loved how DC natives expressed their fashion sense through music and art.

Known for being creative and trying new things. I did not study fashion nor have I taken a sewing class. I say, my talent comes from my mother and all of my creative ancestors before me.  

TYPFFE stands for Tonica Yvette Pitman - Full Fashion Experience. TYPFFE started with a tote bag that I created, it was also created based on an idea a friend and I shared. One tote bag turned into other totebags, to an expand of creative items, which then turned into making clothes. TYPFFE is a passion, my down time, my personality all in one.  


My Work

I'm always observing the world around me and wondering what's the next best thing and how can I tweak it to make it my own. 

Influenced by fashion and music, I strive to create images that are bold, vibrant, fun and memorable. When I started TYPFFE I had to figure out what would make my clothing different from other clothing brands. 

TYPFFE is a clothing brand that is fit for your everyday working woman, whether she is a mother, or a boss lady who is juggling many projects and desire to be comfortable while handling business. The fabric of TYPFFE all have at least 10% or more spandex and can be worn during the day in the office to cheering on the kids at their game. TYPFFE is made for women, but have also added athletic wear for kids and men.

TYPFFE is made with love, every stitch and every accessory that is created is handmade. I love what I do and hope to expand it to the next level one day.  

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